AMC Merger with Carothers Ecological Solutions

May 2, 2022

American Mitigation Company (AMC) of Charleston, SC, and Carothers Ecological Solutions (CES) of Austin, TX are proud to announce the merger of the two firms.

The addition of CES is a significant expansion of AMC’s footprint and capabilities. The two firms will be better be able to provide mitigation solutions and related ecological restoration services to clients nationwide.

AMC, formed in 2019, has extensive experience developing and managing mitigation banks and Permittee Responsible Mitigation (PRM) plans for projects in the Southeast. The company is owned and managed by professionals that have held key leadership positions for ecological service firms, mitigation providers, and professional associations. The owners and key staff are industry veterans that specialize in finding and originating land investment projects that have the potential to generate landscape scale restoration projects. To date, AMC and its principals have:
• Been involved with over 40 mitigation projects,
• Restored/preserved 10,000+/- acres of wetlands, and
• Restored/preserved 22+/- miles of streams.

CES is an ecological and environmental consulting firm focused primarily on supporting the development of conservation and mitigation banks, as well as PRM plans and turnkey mitigation strategies. President and Founder, Kenny Carothers has worked on mitigation and conservation projects in numerous states spanning from coast to coast and many points between. With over 30 years of experience in the environmental consulting space, he has coordinated projects in both the public and private sectors with a broad range of federal and state agencies and private entities.

“We are excited about this opportunity to bring CES into AMC. This was a natural fit for us. Kenny brings a wealth of experience to AMC, and he will be instrumental to identifying and generating ecological restoration opportunities throughout the nation.”

Ross Nelson, AMC president & COO

“What an amazing opportunity, at the perfect time in our industry” – said Kenny Carothers. “Joining an already successful firm in the mitigation and ecological restoration space is a dream come true for me. I am both honored and humbled by the opportunity to bring CES to AMC and work to implement our strategic plan for significant growth in both geographic coverage, and diversification of service offerings. I have no doubt that this newly formed team can deliver for our combined client base and be a significant player in the mitigation and ecological restoration space”.

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