About Us

American Mitigation Company, LLC (“AMC”) was formed in 2019 to combine certain resources and business opportunities of American Timberlands Company, LLC (“ATC”) and other Principals of AMC for the purposes of pursuing natural resource mitigation projects and growing its natural resource mitigation business. AMC is an affiliate of ATC and was created to enhance and further develop the extensive environmental mitigation experience of ATC and other Principals of AMC. The company takes on a more systematic approach to capitalizing the mitigation opportunities it uncovers. We are expanding to provide a wide array of ecosystem services through the implementation of mitigation and conservation banks across the United States. 

AMC has an extensive network of relationships with the mitigation credit buyers (project sponsors), local shareholders, the conservation community, and governmental regulators. During their careers AMC’s Principals have:

  • Developed, permitted, constructed, and/or monitored more than ½ million mitigation credits,
  • Been involved with over 50 mitigation projects,
  • Restored/preserved 10,000+/- acres of wetlands, and
  • Restored/preserved 22+/- miles of streams.

With South Carolina being the birthplace of the company, AMC principals and staff have extensive and recent experience with PRM projects in the Southeast. Recently, we have expanded outside of the southeast, providing mitigation consulting and services across the United States. 

Our staff includes several professionals that have over 20 years in the consulting industry developing mitigation banks and permittee responsible mitigation projects. These key staff members have permitted banks and mitigation projects directly for the SCDOT (Big Pine Tree Creek Mitigation Project), the first bank permitted in SC under the 2008 mitigation rule (MCAS Beaufort Mitigation Bank), and the first bank to offer coastal stream credits in SC (Carter Stilley Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank). Our team also includes industry veterans that specialize and finding and originating land investment projects that have the potential to generate landscape scale restoration projects. Are staff are known and respected by the members of the Interagency Review Team, and we excel about building teams and will deliver mitigation projects in a timely manner.

Services provided by AMC include siting PRM and mitigation banking projects; evaluating the mitigation potential of properties; developing financial projections and proformas for mitigation projects; estimating credit production for mitigation sites; overseeing and managing the permitting and development of PRM projects and mitigation banks; developing and managing teams to execute projects; marketing mitigation credits; managing credit ledgers; and interacting with regulatory agencies.

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