The Tom's Branch Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank (TMMB) has been approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers. This 533 acre project is located just south of Columbia, SC along the Congaree River. The wetland and stream restoration will provide mitigation credits to offset unavoidable impacts from road construction and economic development projects.

American Mitigation Company (AMC) has been selected by the Open Space Institute Land Trust and the South Carolina Department of Commerce to provide the permittee required wetland and stream mitigation to offset unavoidable impacts from BMW's new battery assembly facility in Woodruff, SC. AMC is responsible to developing, permitting, and constructing the restoration work. The permitting process has begun on an aggressive schedule to minimize any delays to constructing the assembly facility.

This is one of the best sources for information on wetlands, their value, and their status in North America. AMC proudly supports Wetlands America and Ducks Unlimited. Click the following link to access the report:

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